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Could be a Busy Summer


That road is back again. Many of you will have received a communication from Highways England. While HE has gone for a modification of the route that we preferred, the Pink one, the most frustrating thing about the brochure is the box that tells us that the plan for getting out of the village towards Ilminster is still “under review”. So we are, as Sue Young puts it, still in limbo. We don't know yet how we will get access to the new expressway or where crossings will be, and which houses will feel the impact. Your council will be pursuing HE for more detail in the next month.

As most of you also know we got the defibrillator funded with a great response and some very generous donations. We plan to install it at the beginning of September. I have booked the Village Hall on 12 September with an invitation to anyone who wants to get training on how to use a defibrillator and to firm up other issues relating to emergencies.

You will see a plinth on the right hand side as you enter the recreation ground. It’s for the old red phone box. We hope it will be moved in soon. Nearby you will notice that the Union Flag is now being hoisted on special days such as the Queen’s birthday.

I hope you have received a flyer about the Community Car Scheme. This could be a very good thing for the village but we do need to know who or how many are likely to use it, or act as drivers or admins. So please please respond — and tell me if you have not had the flyer. Interest or questions to

Some of you have observed traffic analysis going on on Station Road. The developers have confirmed to me that this relates to a pending application, the latest details of which were presented recently at the Village Hall.

We have 5 new members on the council. Eddie Reid, Sue Young, Richard Elliot, Christine Scott and Pippa Fowler join Caroline Noble, Gavin Marsden, Tony Murphy, and myself. I know all of them would be happy to hear of your concerns.

Finally a big thank you to Christine Pitman for her service as Clerk. And to all those who helped to organise the recent run of successful village events.

From the recent Highways England brochure
No final details on crossings or access

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