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Infrastructure Matters

Last Wednesday we had a well attended meeting on the proposal for 12 homes on Station Road. Your Parish Council will be objecting on the grounds we don't think enough work has been done on the issues of drainage, odour from the adjoining sewage works and, especially, traffic problems on Station Road, not just adjacent to the site but higher up, near the school and the Station Works, where there is significant congestion and potential danger to pedestrians. However, the council’s decision was not unanimous and there are others who think that development should be encouraged, citing the potential of more children at our school and a better chance to getting buses back. I would encourage as many comments to the District Council as possible: if you click on this address and then go to View Details you will find instructions on how to comment. Comments must be in but September 27th. (You can also search Taunton Deanne Planning march if it's easier.)

Transport, or rather the lack of it, is what’s behind the community car scheme which your Parish Council is launching. Notices have been posted and distributed. Anyone who is interested should contact Caroline Noble at Thanks to those who have already come forward as administrators or drivers to get this scheme on the road!

An even bigger transport issue — geographically that is — is on its way. Your Parish Council has formed a Road Group to stay across the proposed dualling of the A358. A preferred route has just been announced and the Road Group will be ready to present the details and implications of the route on October the 9th in the Village Hall at 7pm. This is indeed a big item. It will be the first time most villagers will have seen the final route. We are expecting plans for a flyover at Capland, only 50 metres from existing properties, the closure of many lanes which give access to the A358, forcing traffic through our village, and some compulsory purchases. The farming community and other businesses will be hit, with large vehicles and loads having to go much further to their destinations. Following that meeting we want to get the best feedback from all parts of the community so that we can make a really intelligent and credible response. We can influence the outcomes if we get this right.

One thing stands out from all the above: we have some real problems in the infrastructure of our village which will be hard to address if it is to grow. Some of you may well not wish it to grow further. But Government is behind the pressure for more homes, and there will probably be more applications like the current one on Station Road.

David Graham. 24/09/19

Not much room for pedestrians.

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