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January 2019 Newsletter. Not Just Rubbish....

From now every newsletter will be posted on the website. Our plan is to ensure that everyone who has subscribed to the newsletter will get an alert. Still looking at how to set that up.

There have been posts on the Inner Circle Facebook about litter in the village, some of it dropped by the waste removal teams. One bin, just inside the playing field, is not being collected. We will alert the authorities. If you spot a serious case, post it or email the Clerk at

On the same note, nets were introduced three years ago to cover the waste bins when you put them out. If you are new to the village or need replacement nets, we have spares. Again, please notify the Clerk.

We have found it hard to decide on the real impact of the loss of daytime bus services. Last year we publicised the Slinky service for people without alternative transport: it operates twice a week for daytime shopping trips. We’d like to know how that is working. At our Parish Council last week we also decided to explore another, more flexible, option, a community car service. Thoughts on travel needs to Facebook, or directly to me, would be most useful.

Through the efforts of Caroline Noble and Maureen James, the website calendars and event promos are working well. It was very useful to get comments last week from someone trying to book the Village Hall from the website. I have amended it. This is the way to keep improving…

There have been heartfelt complaints about the difficulty of pushing a wheelchair along the pavement from the pub to the playing field. John Thorne, our SCC councillor, has been alerted and has promised to press the case. We are also asking for action on the potholes along the Curry Mallet road.

As I am sure you now know, we wish to install a defibrillator. The village school is happy to house it, on the wall to the right of its front door. The model has been chosen: thanks for advice from paramedics, We will seek a grant, but the first £600 will come from the parish.

At our last meeting we also set the budget. The precept remains unchanged, you will be pleased to hear.

Finally a question: most of our council members favour flying the national flag on the memorial flagpole around the year. What do you think?

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