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Neighbourhood Plan News

Mill Lane

Back in April, the Parish Council wrote to Somerset West and Taunton asking to designate our parish area for the purpose of a Neighbourhood Plan. This would unlock a number of resources, including grants to carry out surveys (environmental, housing need etc.)

Unfortunately because of the pandemic it was deemed that a normal public consultation was not possible, so the whole thing was put on hold and hence there has been no progress since.

The good news is that yesterday the government updated its guidelines for this, and 'face-to-face' consultation is no longer needed. So we can make a start, and we would like to work with 3 or 4 people on a statement of two or three paragraphs outlining our objectives for development in the village. This would form the basis of the full plan and also hopefully guide the local response to planning applications that come up in the meantime.

Apart from the Station Rd development which is still at the appeal stage (no news of date so far), there is one new build application out for comment, and I would encourage all those interested to make their views known.

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