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Neighbourhood Plan - upcoming survey

Next month all residents of the parish will be invited to take part in a survey which is the first part of consultation that will inform the Neighbourhood Plan. You should receive a paper copy of this survey but details will be given to allow you to complete it online.

The questions will mostly be geared around topics where we can influence planning policies, but there will be some that add to the 'vision' for the future of the village, which we may or may not be able to implement or influence.

The steering group have already commissioned a number of reports from consultants on the topics of housing need (based on old data) and a transport review (including the impact of the A358 dualling if it should go ahead). We are also working with a planning consultant to help us construct the plan and timetable our activities.

More details of these resources and other evidence gathering will be published on this website in due course. Please try to spare some time to fill in the survey when it comes, and we are always looking for volunteers to help with this project.

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