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New Names and Faces, and that development plan....

Good morning. First, a strange request. Some of you will get this newsletter twice: once via an Alert from our website which enables you to read it online and once from an email application called SendinBlue. To be honest the website app is more efficient because it is easy to add yourself, or for me to add you, as a website subscriber. So if you only get the SendinBlue version please let me know at ( I will find out which option you prefer.

Moving on. Your new council is nearly formed. At the last meeting we welcomed Eddie Reid and Sue Young. At an extraordinary meeting next week we will add the two remaining members. Richard Elliott, Pippa Fowler and Christine Scott are the candidates. The meeting is at 7.30pm on the 28th. It should be quite short – so it is a great opportunity to meet the new members who will be representing you. We have the prospect of a very diverse council, from various parts of the village, various age groups, and a wide range of different skills and experience. That was the plan. It seems to be working.

The Station Road development proposal is not going away apparently. The developers are offering a drop-in event from 3 PM to to 7 PM on June 12 at the Village Hall. Details on the boards and website.

The defibrillator is now funded. Once more, heart-felt thanks to all those who contributed. The next steps are to get it installed, and hold an open meeting to help us build an emergency response team within the village.

The petition on the state of the pavements outside the care home and elsewhere is completed and will be delivered shortly.

That done, we will start a survey on the demand for a community car scheme, which may be the way to fill the gap now that we have lost our buses.

I hope the good weather predicts a good summer, with perhaps just enough rain for gardens.

David Graham.

Proposed site. Drop-in Meeting. June 12: 3 to 7pm.

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