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Parish Council August update

Despite the Covid restrictions, although by the time you read this they will largely have all

been lifted, your Parish Council has been busy these last few weeks.

The pop up café, spearheaded by Katie Piper, has been popular providing an opportunity for

people to get together whilst also generating funds for us so we can initially join the

Plunkett Foundation, with whom we are now working and then get our fundraising for a

unit off the starting block. We are aiming to raise £50,000 so that we can buy a portacabin

or equivalent plus fit it out.

Meetings with Highways England have been continuing on a fairly frequent basis and

despite Hatch Beauchamp, together with 7 other PCs from Thornfalcon towards Southfields,

putting forward various proposals to ensure the best possible outcome for local residents,

these have largely been ignored by HE. At this stage 2 flyovers are being proposed at either

end of the village! The public consultation is due to take place this autumn when HE will

present their preliminary designs which they tell us can still be changed so it will be vital for

them to hear as many of your comments and views as possible. We will be organising at

least one village meeting nearer the time. In addition we have invited the HE project

manager to attend the PC meeting in September so please use that meeting as a further

opportunity to air your views.

In the meantime, we can all look forward to the picnic, being jointly co-ordinated with the

Village Hall, on August 29 12-5pm. There will be a variety of games as well as kids theatre

and ice cream van and much more. See you there!

Christine Scott

Chair, Hatch Beauchamp Parish Council

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