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Parish Council Update

The start of a new year often involves changes and new starts. The same is applicable to the Parish Council as we say goodbye to Tony Murphy who has stepped down from the council and look to recruit a new member to join us. Many thanks to Tony for all his time and commitment to the village. If you are interested in joining the PC please feel free to contact me or any of the other councillors. There is plenty to do!

Whilst the A358 consultation ended in November, we submitted a further substantial document to National Highways just before Christmas pointing out the inadequacies of the whole consultation process. If successful, then it would mean NH would have to re-consult and at the very least would

buy us more time. In the meantime, the various parish councils will continue to meet in order to work out next steps, strategy etc.

Throughout 2022 we will continue to work towards the opening of the community shop – this will involve plenty of varied work so if you are interested in joining the shop committee plus let one of us know. Pop-up cafes will be a feature of this year and we hope to see many of you at the next pop-up café on 22 January.

2022 looks like being a year of rising costs for all of us so I am pleased to report that for the next financial year we have reduced the precept by 12% – as a famous supermarket saying goes: ‘Every little helps’.

Christine Scott

Chair, Hatch Beauchamp Parish Council

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