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Parish Council Update

The next Parish Council meeting is being held on Wednesday 9 March when we will looking to co-opt a new councillor for the single vacancy. We have a host of significant projects on the go so we really do need our full number and committed members to fulfil those initiatives. If you are interested in joining the PC please feel free to contact me or our clerk, Helen Chadwick, for further information.

On 15 February we will have had a further community forum with National Highways. As far as we know NH will be giving us an overview of the consultation responses so I am not expecting any new or significant news. You will have seen various hi-vis bodies carrying out archaeological surveys in the fields close to the Village Road/Ilminster junction. We have been advised that so far no significant finds have been made. Together with the other PCs we will be seeking further meetings with Somerset County Council as to date they have not been receptive to our arguments and concerns. In addition, we are pursuing a Freedom of Information request to get details of their meetings with National Highways.

The next pop-up café will be held on 26 February and many of you will have enjoyed a cup of fresh bean to cup coffee at our January café, when we were able to use our fancy coffee machine for the first time! We are in the process of finalising our Community Benefit Scheme status and also looking at various shop structures. There are only 4 of us currently driving this which puts a lot of pressure on us and obviously slows matters up. If anyone is interested in being a part of this from the ground up, please do get in touch, the more people we have the quicker it will all happen. In a good month it might only take up an hour of your time and certainly never more than 4 hours a month. THE COMMUNITY SHOP NEEDS YOU!

The Wellness Walks got off to a brilliant start in January, with another walk on 10 February, so let’s hope numbers only increase with the warmer months not so far away. The walks are followed by the opportunity to indulge in cake and a hot drink at the Hub afterwards.

Christine Scott

Chair, Hatch Beauchamp Parish Council

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