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Parish Council Update - August

At our last (extraordinary) meeting on 11th August we co-opted 3 new councillors: Andy Grant, Steve Williams and Sue Wright. We are delighted to be back up to the full complement of 9 on the council, and to have a new set of ideas and willing hands.

Somerset County’s response to the supplementary consultation on the A358 was a disappointment. They are supporting the full-scale dual carriageway design and do not explain why they are not backing the Parish Councils calling for a smaller scale upgrade. At the same time they admit that they do not know what the impact will be on local traffic flows and “the limited timeframe restricts the ability of the County Council to engage more widely on its response”. The Parish Council road subcommittee met with Ross Henley, who we are asking to liaise with councillors involved and to inform us of upcoming SCC meetings where we can exert more pressure.

The views of the youngest in the community were sought when members of the Neighbourhood Plan committee visited the primary school in July. An event is being planned for September to get input from teenagers

Kevin Comer

Chair, Hatch Beauchamp Parish Council

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