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Parish Council Update - June

Hatch Beauchamp

Following much work from councillor Andy Grant, and funding from a generous benefactor and the Parish Council, Somerset Council has commissioned an additional route 10C journey to run on Thursdays departing Hatch in the morning and returning in the early afternoon. The service will run as a 12 week trial, expected to start at the end of July. Look out for further publicity and please do support it – there is a prospect of improved service if the evidence demonstrates it will be used.

In May we were very pleased by the large turnout for the Annual Parish meeting and Neighbourhood Plan consultation. Thanks to all our helpers and those who supported it. The results and information about next steps will be published by August.

National Highways finally published a summary of its June 2022 A358 consultation, nearly a year after it closed. Not unexpectedly, it turned out to be a massive anticlimax with no figures quoted on responses, and much distortion of the feedback that was actually given. We are able to evidence that from figures obtained from those who responded through the Future A358 organisation, which constituted nearly half of all responses. There is still no information on when the DCO will be submitted, which will be the trigger for the intensification of our campaign: ‘Expressway, No Way!’

Finally many of you see this article flagged up in email because you have 'subscribed' to the blog on this website. This email list is different to the one originally set up by the Parish Council, initially to keep interested parties informed about A358 developments. We also have a list for general Parish Council news - part of the same 'mailchimp' set up. You can now join this mail list by subscribing on this page,Please tell other friends and neighbours who may be interested.

Kevin Comer

Chair, Hatch Beauchamp Parish Council

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