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Parish Newsletter - June

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Somerset Council purchased a property in the parish for a joint project with the Shaw Trust and informed the Parish Council just before our last meeting, when it was on the advertised agenda.

The precise location of the property was not given at that time for confidentiality reasons. Due to the nature of this project Somerset Council told us they would control the communication to the nearby neighbours (in the form of a letter)

Following this letter, several concerns were raised, and this was dealt with by our local Somerset councillors and lead members making several visits over the past week to meet with those people and answer their questions and concerns. Naturally the Parish Council wished to be involved in these meetings and kept informed of developments however our local councillor thought it unnecessary - we understand that.

Local Somerset Councillors will be at our next meeting on 10th July which is always open for the public to attend. Once again, please email any questions to the Clerk ( in advance.

We thank you for your ongoing support of the Parish Council.


We never miss an opportunity to mention the Thursday 10C additional service at 10am from the Hatch Inn, returning from Taunton Castle Way at 1.30pm. It does need additional passengers to remain sustainable in the long term, and it makes a refreshing change from driving. For bus pass holders of course it is completely free, and for others the return fare of £3.50 is very reasonable.

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