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Acting on the growing concerns about the wretched state of the pavements in Village Road, the Parish Council has launched a PETITION, addressed to the relevant Cabinet member of Somerset County Council.

The petition specifically asks for a firm commitment to upgrading the pathway opposite the nursing home.

The exact wording is :

We the undersigned believe the pavement (footway) on Village Road, opposite Hatch Beauchamp Care Home, is simply inaccessible to anyone with limited mobility, or pushing a wheelchair or baby buggy. This causes grave concern for those responsible for small children and the elderly. The pavement urgently needs resurfacing. We are asking you to make a firm commitment to ensure that this pavement is made safe for villagers.

This is a great chance for us, the village residents, to make our feelings known. Copies of the petition will be placed in prominent village locations and will be brought round the village. Please sign up if you can.

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