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Winter 2018 Newsletter

So, the village has a new website. It's on trial at the moment so we're keen to get comments and feedback. This is the first time this newsletter will also be found on the News and Views section of the new site. Make a note of the site address:

We are seeking two new parish councillors following the resignations of Liz Kingston and Suber Valmiki. We will miss them both very much. Expressions of interest a.s.a.p to our clerk, Chris Pitman, at

Ahead of the service on November 11 the memorial has been cleaned up and new stone laid with help from the Parish Council, the Garden Club, and the Hub. Special thanks to Weavo who provided the membrane and other necessities at no cost.

More compliments for the newly painted signposts. Thanks to Terry Wright, who will complete the remaining posts starting Spring 2019.

The emergency occasioned by the gas explosion on Neroche View has taught us a few things. One was the value of the village Facebook group . which circulated important information quickly and effectively. The emergency team from Wales and West Utilities also won a lot of compliments from villagers. But we also found that our Emergency Contacts list needs to be updated. We will see to that.

Most of the topics for our Council Meeting on Nov 14 have already been agenda’d for previous meetings but we hope to advance them. For instance, I expect we will be able to get a final decision on the location of a defibrillator: that will enable us to seek for grant aid. Also on the position of the renovated phone box. We will formalise the council's position on the planning application for a new Village Hall.

I get asked, quite a lot, when we will hear more about the proposed extension of the A358. Councillor Williams, our district councillor, says he will tell us as soon as he learns anything — that's if we don't hear from Highways England first. The general view is that we will learn more in December.

Finally, congratulations and thanks to Suber and Helen Valmiki along with family members and other helpers for the huge success of the second Curry Night. They raised £1000 for the Village Hall and the Nasir Nangla Primary School in Uttar Pradesh.

One other reminder: there are coffee morning on Tuesdays at the village school between 9 and 10.30am.

Thank you for reading this. We had an extreme summer — let's hope we don't get an extreme winter too.

Cleaned up and ready...with help from the Parish Council, the Garden Club, the Hub and Weavo, who provided free materials.

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