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Neighbourhood Plan

A Neighbourhood Plan is a document that sets out planning policies for a local community area.

Its written by local people, who know best the priorities for development in the area (what and where)

The plan is informed by consultation in the community, and provided it follows certain rules consistent with national and local authority plans, is approved by the council and in a referendum - it becomes part of the official planning policies for the area.

Where a Neighbourhood Plan is in place the Parish receives 25% of a Community Infrastructure Levy, which is a charge applied to developers when planning permission is granted to support investment in new infrastructure (without it a maximum of 15% goes to the Parish, and it could be less if capped)

The plan covers a period of about 15 years, ideally aligned with the timescale of the local authority plan.

May 2024 Consultation

The consultation is now closed and here is the summary

Here are the draft policies of the current pre-submission plan

The full plan is available to download

Previous Engagement

The results of the survey (2022) and the consultation event (2023) can be found from the 'Additional Information' link below

Click for Additional Information

Documents folder:

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