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A358 ..... Hatch still in limbo

I expect most of our village will have received the highways england notice outlining the new preferred route for the A358 Dualling.

Section 1 from the M5 to West Hatch has been extensively reworked to accommodate cost considerations, and, critically, to ”lessen the impact on the environment and local residents”.

However, Section 2 from West Hatch to the Southfields roundabout remains substantially unaltered, leaving the concerns of communities along this stretch essentially in limbo although technically under review.

The scheme brochure says

  “We note the concerns about access to Hatch Beauchamp and other local access   arrangements. These comments have been logged and will be explored further as we develop the design.”

I think the situation for Hatch and its residents is of serious concern. We seem to have been singled out for particular disruption. I have no doubt that these issues will be the subject of urgent and detailed consideration within our community in the weeks and months to come.

They need to be.

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