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Christmas 2018 Newsletter

Our website calendar: gradually getting there....

You won’t be hearing from me again until 2019 so here's wishing you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Things can move at a sedate pace in villages so some of the topics in this mail will be familiar. But don’t look away!

Our village school has worked hard to boost its profile this year and attract pupils. Everyone who visits regularly, as I do, has been impressed with the obvious energy and care now revitalising our school. Do consider paying a visit to the School Fair on December 14, starting at 6pm. Even if you're not a parent, prospective parent or grandparent, drop by. You will also get a good feel for what’s happening. (

And remember: during term time, coffee mornings every Tuesday from 9:00 to 10.30!

The project for a new Village Hall goes forward — it is now awaiting first-stage planning permission. When that is done, I know that Stephen Williams, as leader of the project, is keen to open up the plans further to villagers for discussion and feedback.

Our new village website is in a trial phase. We have had lots of comments and are working on them. Gradually we are building a team. Maureen James and Caroline Noble are working on the calendars that will enable you to see what is happening and streamline the booking of the Village Hall. Stephen Williams is developing the advertising pages that will help us pay for the site. When we have got the basics right, we may add new elements. Please go to and give it a go, then send your feedback to Don’t hang back: critics are the best sourse of advice! But we are still desperate for some occasional expert help when we hit glitches in the WIX application.

Some have asked about the point of a website when we now have a village Facebook group. The simple answer is: they do different jobs. One big difference is: a website is how many a potential visitor will first see our village. Someone considering a visit, home purchase or B&B, should see a lively village, a good school, communal activities, a choice of eating places, all in a very pleasant environment. If that adds £5000 to the average price of a home here, it will have paid its way many times over! The other big plus: it’s where basic information is held, so anyone who wants to contact the parish council, the school, find out about transport etc., it’s reliably there.

Into the New Year, don’t forget the Highland Fling on Jan 25. Always a favourite.

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