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Neighbourhood Plan - start now

Our last minute submission for a Locality grant to help create the local plan wasn't successful, as detailed costings were not included. This is not unexpected, and the grant process restarts for the next financial year so we can be more prepared to put an application in well before the next January deadline. Also we were granted help in the form of "Technical Support" which will be supplied by a senior housing research consultant at AECOM, a large design and architecture firm associated with the Locality community organisation. The consultant will help us perform our own Housing Needs Assessment which of course is a key input into the plan.

Now that we are getting underway, I want to get a steering group fully involved and crystallised. It should comprise of up to 20 people, with 3 or 4 core contributors who are prepared to take on tasks such as housing survey, identifying conservation objectives, environmental assessment, site selection (residential or commercial - should needs be identified), communication and consultation etc.

If interested please contact Kevin on 481909 or email kebhin at gmail

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