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Parish Newsletter - January

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Somerset Council

The council continues to face a financial emergency and drastic cuts are planned in the budget to be set next month. Even then they are proposing to increase council tax by 10% - but this is not an option unless a local referendum is held. The Parish Council set its budget this month, with a 4% rise in our (very small) part of council tax. This includes provision to step in with (more generous) grant funding to village institutions which previously was funded by the council. Somerset are also proposing that parishes fund some of the services they are cutting - but so far have been unable to provide any clarity about what these are and what would be the cost to us.

There is a consultation in progress that ends very soon (Mon 22nd) regarding the Somerset budget. If you would like to take part click here


Our Footpath Officer (David Graham) has been checking out various walk routes around and about the village and as well as reporting problems to Somerset has been producing very good reports on his findings. The latest is published here

Public Transport Options

The parish council has resolved to produce an information leaflet to detail all the travel options available in the village (10C, Slinky, Hatch CCS etc) Look out for this in the coming weeks

Happy New Year!

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