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Take Art Summer Shows on Playing Field

The unique Bluebirds 'Popera House' makes its magical fairytale journey to the Village Hall playing field on Saturday August 22nd

For Children & Families at 5pm

"The Empress & the Nightingale": a musical, magical journey based on Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale. Families can sit around the Popera carriage either on chairs set out or bring your own picnic rug. The event will go ahead whatever the weather, so come prepared! The performance lasts for about an hour, and cost will be covered by donations in a bucket (card payments can also be made). Please book in advance by calling Sue (481909), email

For Adults & Teenagers at 7.30pm

The Popera transforms - Sasha and Amy are trained opera singers and they put on a comic opera cabaret show for Hatch Beauchamp. Tables and chairs will be provided, but please bring your own drinks and snacks.

Checkout the Bluebirds' work on their own website here:

Space is limited to 27, under current Covid-19 restrictions for outdoor theatre so please book soon with Sue on 481909, email

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