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HBPC November 2019 Newsletter

First an apology. Since switching my personal mail system, a few things have gone missing, among them a notification from those who wished to discontinue getting the newsletter via mail and rely on the website or Facebook Group. Please mail me again!

You can now see that the defibrillator has been installed outside the school. Thanks to all those who helped to get it funded, including a generous donation from the Hatch Inn, and great service from electrician, Mark Davies. Thanks also to Mark and Gemma Richards for organising the training session, something we would like to repeat on a regular basis.

The Community Road scheme is up and running and has carried its first rides. The scheme has planned a "soft launch" while building its driver roster and getting its administration into shape, but it's out there and ready for use. To make a booking, call Elizabeth or Alan on 07942 231145. For more information, Caroline on 01823 480766.

The Station Road planning application drew a well-attended meeting. The mood of the meeting was strongly opposed and the Parish Council has adopted this position. About 50 residents have responded formally to the planning application. One of the main objections from residents was the risk of increasing pressure on traffic through Station Road but we do not seem to have been supported in this by the Somerset County Council in its response of October 15. The original target decision date was November 26th. But because of amendments, there is still time for you to comment but you should do so right away.

There is a very good response from Rod Harrington, who knows a lot about Planning, giving a detailed critique of the plan and arguing strongly for something more original, a development that at least respects the space it occupies and complements its surroundings better.

The village meeting on the A358 proposal drew an even larger audience. The mission for our Road Group, led by Christine Scott, is to understand in detail what Highways England are proposing and to represent the views of the village as forcefully as we can.

It was warming in to see such a good attendance at the school open days and coffee mornings.

These items are all on the agenda for our next parish council meeting on November 13 where we hope to co-opt two new members to make up our quota of nine, and introduce a new clerk, Clare Winter. Thanks to Pippa Fowler for her service as locum over the summer and autumn. We will also be considering an earlier start for our parish council meetings: 7 pm seems to be the preferred option, but this next one will start at 7.30

Finally there is the issue of our budget for 2020/2021. Government policy seems to encourage more initiatives at local level (which some might say is a euphemism for cutting local services). The Car Scheme is an example. What else? We've never had a forward plan for the village. Perhaps we should have one. What should our priorities be?

…and of course there are still tickets available for the pantomime. Snow White will play on December 5th, 6th and 7th in the Hatch Beauchamp Village Hall. Call 01823 481909 or mail Heigh Ho.

It's not just about learning your lines.....

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