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February 2019 Newsletter. A New Planning Proposal and a Public Meeting

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Hello. Many of you already know there is a plan to build 13 houses in the meadow on the right hand side down Station Road, just past the turning to Home Orchard.

A formal application has not yet been submitted, but a public meeting has been fixed for the developer to tell us what is being planned.

That meeting will take place on Wednesday February 27th at 8pm in the Village Hall. Everybody welcome.

Other items which may be of interest:

The next Parish Council meeting is on March 13th. Remember that the Forum section lets you raise any matter of concern even if it is not on the agenda. Sue Young took advantage of the Forum at the last meeting to draw attention to the poor surfaces of the pavements in parts of our village, making it difficult to push wheelchairs and buggies. Let’s hope persistence is rewarded. She has asked our County Councillor for help.

A planning application has been submitted to place the old phone box just inside the gate of the Recreation Ground. The Village Hall trustees are still thinking about its use and would doubtless welcome ideas.

Should a flag, like the one flown on Memorial Day, be flown more frequently? I have had one or two replies suggesting it could be flown more often but only on special occasions. What do you think?

A grant application is being made to help fund a defibrillator to be placed on the outside wall of the village school. The grant will not cover the whole cost even if we are successful, so we may need to think about some supplementary fundraising.

Shortly we will, I hope, be releasing a survey on things that people would most like to see change in our village. With the decline of public services, we are looking at gaps that may have to be filled by other means. A community car service? More scope for sports and recreation? Over to you.

People are asking if there is any further news on plans for the widening of the A358. The answer is No, as yet. However we may learn more at a meeting on February 26th, which one member of our Council will attend. There may just possibly be room for others: please notify our Clerk, Chris Pitman, if you would like to be there.

Finally, use the new website to keep in touch with coming events and tell us if you have an event planned. The advertising pages are just getting started too. Go to Contacts to speak to Events or Advertising.

Site along Station Road planned for development

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