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Making a Safer Village and That Panto Gets Started


Important reminder: Making a Safer Village. Defibrillator training and familiarisation. 6pm, Sep. 12th, in the Village Hall.

This is for anyone who wants to get involved or know more about basic safety. Paramedics Gemma and Nick Richards will be hosting, along with a rep from South West Ambulance Service. Watch out for the Defib on the wall of the school at the beginning of September. When we first posted a lot of people could not come at 7pm so we moved the meeting an hour earlier. Note: members of the team will still be there if you cannot make it till 7pm. That’s Thursday September 12th. Any queries to

The A358 is back on the agenda. It is something your Parish Council takes very seriously. At our meeting on September 11th we will be discussing how to ensure our village makes an informed response to the widening plans. The key issues are properties adversely affected, impact on traffic through the village, preservation of access including footpaths. Our “Road Group” are Richard Elliott, David Graham, Christine Scott and Sue Young.

Talking of footpaths, your Parish Council has conducted a review of all our paths, walking them in August. We will report on that to our Council on September 11th. It is not a particularly reassuring picture. We are grateful to those who joined the Adopt a Path scheme a few years back for their help on the maintenance of our paths. Comments from walkers are always welcome. The Footpaths Officer is Caroline Noble at

The first steps are being taken to make a Community Car Scheme available in our village. The flyer sent out over the summer showed that there were people who would probably use it, and others who would be willing to act as drivers or administrators. So, a working group is getting underway. If you did not reply to the flyer or want to connect/find out more please contact Caroline Noble (address above).

The old phone box , renovated by Sterling Services, has now been moved to a new site on the recreation ground. The Village Hall Trustees will decide how to use it. As ever, ideas welcome. Suggestions to Stephen Williams at

As many of you know, we can herald a first. There will be a pantomime this year, in Hatch Beauchamp, in December. Preparations are very much underway!

David Graham, Chair, on behalf of Hatch Beauchamp Parish Council.

Show White. Coming to You This Christmas

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